Alderado Commission Fee on Products & Categories

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Sellers pay commission fee on each item sold.

For all products, a percentage of the total sales price that is paid by the customer including the item value + shipping or gift wrap charges charged by the seller is deducted as a commission fee.

On Alderado, we have crafted simple and transparent fee structure for our sellers. After proper evaluation, we kept commission fee as adaptive as possible.

Also, First 4 months no commission fee will be deducted on any product / product category. Exceptionally, if you don't get any sale then don't worry, this offer will be applied on first 20 orders.

Commission fee varies per product category as displayed below.

( In certain circumstances commission fee will be applied per specific product )

Product Categories & Sub Categories
Commission Fee %
All sub-categories in category Apparel -> Baby -> Baby Boys
[Includes : Accessories, Body Suits, Clothing Sets, Dungarees, Ethnic Wear, Innerwear, Jeans, Pants, Shirts, Shorts, Sleepwear, Suits & Blazers, Swimwear, T-shirts & Polos, Trackpants and Joggers, Winter-Wear]

6 %

All sub-categories in Category category Apparel -> Baby -> Baby Girls
[Includes Accessories, Body Suits, Clothing Sets, Dresses, Ethnic Wear, Inner-wear, Jeans, Pants, Skirts & Shorts, Sleepwear, Swim-wear, Tops Tshirts and Shirts, Trackpants and joggers, Winter-wear]
6 %
Sub-categories in Apparel -> Boys -> Accessoriees
[Includes Balaclavas, Belts, Handkerchiefs, Hats and Caps, Socks & Hosiery, Suspenders, Ties]
8 %
Sub-Categories in Apparel -> Boys
[Includes Clothing Sets, Dungarees, Ethnic Wear, Inner-wear, Jeans, Pants, Rainwear, Shirts, Shorts, Sleepwear, SportsWear, Suits & Blazers, Sunglasses & Spectacles Frames, Swim-wear, T-shirts & Polos and all other categories under Apparel -> Boys]
6 %
Sub-Categories in Apparel -> Girls -> Accessories
[Includes Belts, Handkerchief, Hats & Caps, Socks & Suspenders]
8 %
Sub-Categories in Apparel -> Girls
[Includes Blazers, Clothing Sets, Dresses & Jumpsuits, Ethnic Wear & its subcategories, Jeans, Pants, Inner-wear & its sub-categories, Rainwear, Shrugs, Skirts & Shorts, Sleepwear & its sub-categories, Sports wear & sub-categories, Sunglasses & Spectacle Frames, Swim-wear, Tights & Leggings, Top t-shirts & Shirts, Track Pants & Joggers, Unstitched Fabrics, Winter Wear & sub-categories]
6 %
Sub-Categories in Apparel -> Men -> Accessories
[Includes Belts, Caps & Hats, Handkerchiefs, Pocket Square, Socks, Suspenders, Ties]
8 %
Categories in Apparel -> Men
[Includes Ethnic Wear (&sub-categories), Inner-wear (& sub-categories), Jeans, Rainwear, Shirts, Shorts, Sleep & Lounge wear (& sub-categories), Sport Wear (& sub-categories), Suits – Blazers (& sub-categories), Sunglasses & Spectacle frames (sub-categories), Swim wear, t-shirts & polos, Track Pants & Joggers, Trousers, Un-stitched Fabric (& sub-categories), winter wear (& sub-categories)]
6 %
Sub-Categories in Apparel -> Women -> Accessories
[Includes Belts, Caps & Hats, Earmuffs, Gloves & Arm Warmers, Handkkerchiefs, Scarves Stoles & Wraps, Shawls, Socks]
8 %
Categories in span style=”color:#1c0d80″>Apparel – Women
[Includes Ethnic Wear & its sub-categoreis, Lingerie & sub-categories, Maternity & sub-categories, Sleep Wear – Lounge Wear & subcategories, Sports Wear & Sub-categories, Sunglasses & Spectacle Frames & Its Sub-categories, Swim/Beach Wear & its subcategories, Western Wear & its subcategories]
6 %
Categories in Car & Motorbike
[Includes 2 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers, Automotive Services, Car & Motorbike Care, Car & Vehicle Electronics, Car Accessories, Car Parts, Car Tyres & Rims,Gifts & Merchandise, Motorbike Accessories & Parts, Navigation Devices, Oils & Fluids, Paint Work, Transporting & Storage Vehicle Tools]
6 %
All Sub-Categories of Category Video Games
11 %
All Categories coming under Electronics
[Including Accessories like Blank Media, Camera & Photo Accessories, Car & Vehicle Electronic Accessories, Computer Accessories, Batteries, Home Audio & Video, Memory Cards, Mobiles Accessories, Navigation & Power Accessories, Tablet Accessories Camera & Photography, Binoculars & Telescopes, Cases & Bags, Cameras, Flashes, Lenses & all other]
9 %
Categories under Baby Products
[Including Baby Care, Clothing, Shoes, Feeding & all other sub-categories]
11 %
Categories under Home & Kitchen including Artwork, Furniture, Home & Decor, Indoor Lighting & all other
8 %
Categories under Pet Supplies
5 %
All Categories under Computer & Accessories
[Including Accessories & Peripherals Components, Desktops, External Device & Data Storage, Laptops & Monitors, Printers Inks & Accessories, Scanners & other]
8 %
All Categories coming under Toys & Games
[Including Arts & Crafts, Dolls, Party Supplies & All Other]
10 %
All Categories under Bags, Wallets & Luggage
[Including Luggage, Shopping Bags, Travel Accessories, Wallets & Other]
9 %
All Categories coming under Sports, Fitness & Outdoors
9 %
All Sub-Categories of Books Category
8 %
All Office Supplies sub-categories
8 %

If you think that we have not included any commission fee for product category you want to sell in / selling, then just inform us via contact us page or initiate a chat via your Alderado Seller Space Account.

All claims for incorrect commission fee must be notified to Alderado Team within 7 Days of the payment settlement in your account. If no such claim is filed within the prescribed timeline, the commission fee charged will be assumed correct and accepted by the seller. Alderado will not be liable for any claims brought / damages suffered by the sellers after the expiry of this timeline.

Fixed Fees: 

Seller pay a fixed fee based on the order price that is paid by the buyer. Fixed fee is calculated by the sum of order price, shipping charges or gift wrapping charges.

Cancellation Charges: 

You will be charged 100% of commission fee of the items value that are cancelled under the following scenarios:
1. Order is cancelled by seller for any reason other than buyer request.
2. Order is cancelled automatically by Alderado because seller has not confirmed shipping of order within 24 hours.

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