How To Create Seller Account On Alderado?

Creating Seller Account on Alderado is really easy. This article is a guide for seller which will help them to join Alderado Seller Space Program & setting up seller account / store on Alderado.

Step 1 : Visit page

Step 2 : In register section click option ‘I am vendor'.

alderado signup page image
Signup Page Image

Step 3 : Now you have to fill in details like

  • Username 
  • E-mail
  • Password
  • First & Last Name
  • Shop Name (This will be shown to all customers)
  • Seller Page URL 
  • Phone Number (Active)
  • GST No. (If you don't have it then input ?141571920ngst )

That's it. Your Seller Account is ready. Now you will get an email on your registered email id. This email has the link through which you can onboard and set up seller account easily.

From your Alderado Seller Space Dashboard, you can :

  • List Product
  • Update Status Of Order
  • Create Coupon
  • View Reviews On Your Product
  • Do SEO For Seller Page
  • Add Staff Member
  • Withdraw Money



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