Alderado Fee Structure

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Final Settlement

Credited in your account within 4-7 business days after collecting full payment by the customer.


Product Selling Value

Final amount paid by the customer including selling price + shipping fees  & excluding discount by seller.

Marketplace Fees

Includes fixed fee, selling commission & shipping fee


18% GST on marketplace fee


Alderado's Marketplace Fee Structure

percentage based on category

Commission Fee

Percentage based on product selling value (Depends on product category, subcategory & seller)

1st 4 Months 0% commission
fixed fee

Fixed Fee

A small amount taken by the Alderado on all transactions

Collection Fee

Payment gateway or collection charges

shipping fee

Shipping Fee

Delivery charges based on product weight and shipping location (if shipped by Alderado)


Fixed Fee is a small amount charged for every successful sale transaction. A successful sale transaction is an order which has been successfully delivered to the customer and has not been returned. In case of customer or courier returns, this fee will not be charged. The Fixed fee will vary based on the order item value irrespective of category.
Order Item Value
₹ 0 – 300
₹ 301 – 500
₹ 501 – 1200
₹ > 1200


A small payment collection fee is charged to you for all prepaid and postpaid orders that you receive. The Collection fee will vary depending on the payment type chosen by the customer (Prepaid/Postpaid) . For a prepaid order - Based on Payment gateway, For a postpaid order - Based on cash collection charges. The collection fee will be calculated on the final selling price of a product. The final selling price is a sum of the amount paid by the Customer including shipping charges, if any (Price of product + Shipping charges). This will remain the same for all sellers irrespective of the category.

2% - 2.5% of Selling Amount Will Be Deducted Based on The Payment Gateway or Mode Chosen By The Customer


General FAQ 

Alderado Seller Space is a program where we allow Indian local sellers, manufacturers and dropshippers to sell products online on Alderado Mareketplace.

It's a basic term we call to our services. The ‘' website, application and any other functionality through which shoppers shop online and seller sell products to our customers is the Alderado Marketplace.

It may be the common question in mind of each seller and we are happy to answer this question with proper reasons.

  • We are taking this responsibility to help sellers to grow sales and managing account on alderado through 24/7 Seller Growth Team (ASGT) via live chat, Whatsapp and Direct Calls, Alderado Seller Forum where you are free to raise topic, And Alderado Articles which leads to growth.
  • First 4 Months flat 0% commission fee on each and every products and product category.
  • Our mission is to make strong and genuine community of Indian sellers & we are dedicated to grow this community. 
  • Featuring over 800+ products categories.

Just 4 steps :

  1. Join Alderado Seller space by creating seller account.
  2. Go through verification process.
  3. List products (No limit on products listing)
  4. Collect orders and deliver to buyers.

4 Months Offer FAQ 

This is an offer for sellers through which they can sell any product in any category for flat 0% commission fee

No other charges. Commission fee becomes 0% and you only have to give fixed fee (based on order item value described above), collection fee & shipping fee (if delivered by us).

On Alderado, you get your own seller page where only your products will be shown. so, you can provide link on your social profile to your Alderado Seller Page.

Also, if you are eligible then you can do marketing of your product and seller page with our campaigns.

No worry. We guarranty you lowest commission in the competition.

Fee, Shipping & Other 

You can deliver orders. Also, if you want then our courier partners will pickup order from you and deliver to customer.

If you handle order delivery, then Cash On Delivery option will not be available for your products.

After registration and verification you will be able to place order for alderado branded packages on platform.

Some points you should remember:

  1. We do not allow sellers to deliver order without alderado's branded packages.
  2. You can't buy Alderado's branded packages from anyone else. As we have not given rights to anyone to use Alderado name and logo for comercial and package manufacturing purposes.


The payment cycle is 4-7 business days after complete delivery of order to customers.